Practice Areas

Equine Law

Equine Law at Charlton Equine Law is primarily focused on meeting the business and legal needs of the equine industry. According to the American Horse Council survey, the equine industry has an approximate $102 Billion impact on the U.S. economy, which includes recreational and competitive equine sport, racing, entertainment, and employment- and this amount doesn’t take into account the enormous retail revenue in the horse industry.

The amount of business conducted without legal assistance leaves many riders, owners, and competitive events vulnerable to financial liability, as well as risks to horse welfare, rider and spectator safety, and ruined personal relationships. Such liability can often be prevented or mitigated by sound legal prophylaxis or remedies.

Charlton Equine Law wants to preserve the integrity and financial health of the equine industry, and therefore offers numerous services designed specifically with the active equestrian in mind.  Please visit the “Contact Us” tab to inquire whether we may be of service to you, your barn, or your horses.

Agricultural Law

Charlton Equine Law understands that agriculture has an intrinsic relationship with the equine world.  This relationship includes maintaining open lands for equine sport or grazing, zoning for equine activities and events, and environmental issues involved with manure disposal.  At agriculture’s most basic level, equine livelihood depends on a continued supply of water, hay, and grain to nourish our horses.  In light of this relationship, Charlton Equine Law provides Agricultural legal services to both the equine and non-equine communities.

Agricultural law at Charlton Equine Law involves the business of managing land, livestock, and crops.  This includes state and local environmental compliance, the purchase and sale of agricultural commodities, and navigating the laws related to your agricultural field.  With great experience in the wine and cattle business, Charlton Equine Law is eager to assist your ABC needs, your agri-business development and trademarking, or agricultural land use issues. Please contact us if have inquiries as to how we can help you in your agricultural industry.